To Honorable IT Service Outsourcing Companies (SPs),ChinaSourcing Summit 2017(hereinafter referred to as “The Summit”), an event co-sponsored by theMinistry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China and Hangzhou Municipal People’sGovernment, organized by China Council for International InvestmentPromotion(CCIIP), Department of Commerce of Zhejiang Province and HangzhouMunicipal Commission of Commerce, will be held from 28 to 29 September inHangzhou.TheSummit with the theme of “ConstructingNew Eco for Sourcing to Promote New Economic Development” aims to explore howthe traditional industries use digital opportunities to promote the innovativedevelopment of social economy by using the cutting-edge technologies of bigdata, cloud computing, internet of things, artificial intelligence, block chainand cognitive computing through building the ecosystem of service cooperation.Now wesincerely invite you to attend the Summit. The details are as follows:I.         TimeTimefor the Summit: September 28-29, 2017Timefor registration: 09:00-12:00, September 28th, 2017II.       VenueHangzhouDragon Hotel (Add: 120 Shuguang Road, West Lake District, Hangzhou, China)III.      Major ActivitiesTheSummit is consist of activities including Seminar on China’s ServiceOutsourcing Demonstration Cities, the Global Service Outsourcing IndustryForum, industry-oriented seminars such as advanced manufacturing industry, financialservices, the “One Belt One Road” initiative and cooperation in services,“Internet+ Call Center” etc., CIO Eco-community, analyst workshop, promotionfor China’s leading service providers and growing service providers 2017 andexhibition.IV.     Charge for participationa) Charge for Registration: 1,000RMB/per person (150USD)?  Services:-Participate in the Global Service Outsourcing Industry Forum 2017;-Participate in industry-focused seminars;-Participate in the analyst lectures (workshops);-Apply to participate in business networking activities;-Enjoy business lunch/dinner on September 29 and coffee breaks;-Enterprise Catalog will be published in both the journal of CCIIP and website.b) Charge for exhibitionExhibitionboard: 6,500.00 RMB/per (955USD)Exhibition Booth: 10,000.00 RMB/per(1500USD)c) Charge for Case-study5,000.00RMB per time slot, each time slot lasts one and an half hour.d) Member PrivilegesMembersof ChinaSourcing Working Committee (2017 membership fee paid) will have thebelow privileges:(1)President Company? 3 free-charge tickets ofthe Summit? 1 free-charge booth? 50% discount on all typesof booths(2)Vice President Company? 2 free-charge tickets ofthe Summit? 1 free-charge exhibitionboard? 30% discount on all typesof sponsorship(3)Council Company? 1 free-charge ticket ofthe Summit? 50% discount on bothbooths and boards? 20% discount on all typesof sponsorship(4)Members of the committee?  10% discount on all types of boothsV.       Registration of the SummitCompanies willing to attend the Summit please finish on-lineregistration, go through payment procedures( and submit the brief electronicintroduction of companies within 200 words in both Chinese and English edition,and logo of company (vector diagram) before August 25th (Friday).VI.     Application of Business Activities1.SP/IT Service Outsourcing Industry Park Case StudyCasestudy sessions are scheduled (90 minutes per session) for SPs to share the cases(business solutions) in business innovation and transformation to showcase theservice capability directly to buyers, and for IT service outsourcing industryparks to enjoy the fruits of industry gathering in the process of promoting ITservice outsourcing.Forthose registered firms who want to share their cases, please submit yourapplication form (Appendix 2) by August25th (Friday). The final name list will be released afterconfirmed by analysts from the organizing committee and major buyers.2.One-on-one Analyst MeetingTohelp solve the problems on medium to long-term development strategy ofcompanies, the Summit 2017 especially arrange one-on-one analyst meetings (30min per session) by Gartner’s analysts. Companies registered to the summit andintend to reserve the meeting, please submit the Application (Appendix 2)beforeAugust 25th(Friday). The final list will be verified and confirmed by analysts fromGarner. The information of Gartner analysts is as below:NameTitleResearch DomainConsulting ItemsJim  LongwoodResearch VP  1.          Adaptive sourcing with  innovation, bimodal and digital2.          Deal sweet-spot analysis of  service providers3.          Roles of MSI-SIAM and cloud  service brokerage (CSB) providers4.          Sourcing of application and  SaaS offerings5.          Engaging with small(er)  service providers6.          Risks in sourcing IT services1.      Applying  Advanced Service Sourcing to Optimize Cost-Effectiveness and Business Value2.      Transform  Service Sourcing to Promote Business Agility3.      Sourcing  and Vendor Relationships Leaders4.       Modernizing Legacy  Mission-Critical Applications in GovernmentTracy TsaiResearch VP1.  Market Guide for Conversational AI in China2.        IoT global impact1.  Identify and evaluate the opportunity of  new technology, product and market2.        Innovate business and  products to monetize the opportunities brought by Internet of Things3.        Build connected home business  models for technology service providers and enterprises4.        Adopt conversational AI into  your products, business operations and customer service to monetize the new  digital business opportunities5.       Personal devices such as  hybrid devices (2-in-1), 3G/4G tablets, smarpthones and wearablesTina TangResearch  Director1. Market  Trends: Market Trends: China Cloud IaaS Adoption Creates Opportunities for  Consulting and Implementation2. Competitive  Landscape: Infrastructure as a Services China1. Build and  Market Cloud-Based Offerings2. Exploit  IT Services Market Dynamics3. Identify  Growth Opportunities across the IT Market4.  Go-to-Market Planning5. Exploit  Vertical-Industry Market DynamicsAppendix:1. Preliminary Agenda of ChinaSourcingSummit 20172. SP/IT Service OutsourcingIndustry Park Case Study Application3. One-on-one Analyst Meeting Application4. RecommendedHotel InformationContacts:Consultation/AttendanceContact Person: Liu YutingTel: 010-65978801-305Fax: 010-65978210E-mail: Person: Yang XiyuanTel: 010-65978801-308Fax: 010-65978210E-mail: AppointmentContact Person: Zhang CuiyingTel: 010-65978801-307Fax: 010-65978210Email: Person: Deng JieTel: 010-65978801-301Fax: 010-65978210Email: Council forInternational Investment Promotion (CCIIP)                       view
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